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Reception on the occasion of Turkish Republic Day

On the occasion of the Anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic, a reception held by the Chargé d'Affaires ad interim Mr. Mehmet F. Şekerci and Mrs. Şekerci as well as the Embassy staff at the Official Residence. ITBC Board Members attended the invitation.

The reception held by Turkish Chargé d'affaires Mr. Mehmet F. Şekerci at the ambassador house. ( left to right ) Mr. Moshe Kamhi, Mr. Dori Filozof, Mr. Mehmet Şekerci, Mrs. Esin Şekerci, Mr. Moris Reyna, Mr. Gad Kahn, Mr. Gad Shoshan, Mr. Doğan İbrahimzade, Mehlika Yıldız Ersen.


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